Rehabiitation service

Does your pet need advanced rehab help?

Trust our team to provide your pet with the latest treatments so it can get better fast. Turn to Shelburne Veterinary Hospital for advanced rehab treatments and compassionate care.

Dog Training for Rehabiitation

Give your pet the level of care he or she needs

Choose from a wide range of services all with the goal of helping your pet to get well. Choose our on and off site rehabilitation services, including:

  • Arthritis treatments
  • Land treadmills
  • Weight management services
  • Exercises on a rubberized floor
  • Therapeutic equipment

Your pet will always get the level of care and treatment he or she needs. Trust our staff to keep your animal safe.

Improve your pet's quality of life

You'll get reliable care for all of your pet's needs, whether he needs to lose a bit of extra weight or she needs to recovery from an injury. Let our staff work closely with your pet to ensure it remains safe and comfortable through the process.

Call us today to ask about rehabilitation services
readily available for your pet.


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